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Health Services

Preventive Care

About this Service:

Preventive Medicine performs sanitation inspections of food service establishments and habitability inspections of Day Care Centers and living quarters on base. Preventive Medicine also conducts communicable disease surveillance and interviews; immunization and disease risk assessments for travelers to foreign countries and provides classes in communicable disease prevention, food service sanitation and pest control.

Services include the following areas for eligible beneficiaries:
  • Travel medicine. Performs screens and provides recommendations.
  • Tuberculosis Surveillance. Responsible for TB surveillance program including following and treating PPD converters/reactors.
  • Lead Screening. Coordinates Navy pediatric lead screening program for those screened by PCM or referred through community resources.
  • Rabies Control Program. Coordinates rabies program for individuals identified by PCM or community resources.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Conducts contact review and follow up for index cases identified by PCM or referred form community resources.
  • Needle Stick Injury. Monitors program for staff involved.
Services offered to the military community include the following areas:
  • Environmental Health surveys for food service sanitation and habitability.
  • Testing drinking water for potability.
  • Pest control programs.
  • Conduct training for diverse audiences regarding preventive medicine programs.

Occupational Medicine

About this Service:

The function of the Occupational Medicine Clinic is to provide comprehensive support for active duty and eligible beneficiaries in need of surveillance programs relating to their workplace.  Occupational Medicine provides surveillance exams for occupational exposures, Physical Exams for specialty programs (DOT, civilian aviation, Radiation Hazard, USCG licensing, and others), Spirometry testing, and treatment of minor occupational injuries. Occupational Medicine Clinic also consults on occupational and environmental health concerns with Preventive Medicine, Industrial Hygiene, Safety, and Human Resources at various commands during workplace site visits.  Occupational Medicine makes a conscious effort to help provide a safe environment for employees in the workplace.  Please call the Occupational Medicine for any inquiries.
Serving Employees With
◾Medical surveillance
◾Certification exams
◾Treatment and referral of acute and chronic occupational injuries and illnesses
◾Work area consultations such as indoor air quality, ergonomics and workers -compensation cases
◾Occupational illness and injury case management to restore workers to optimal function
◾Occupational audiology services in support of the hearing conservation program
◾Clinical consultative services
◾Preventive services to prevent disease due to occupational exposure.
Occupational Medicine Clinic
Phone: 401-841-3839
Fax: 401-841-6161
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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